The Company That's Disrupting The Billion-Dollar Car Insurance Industry

Published Wednesday July 17 2019 - 2:17 PM (PST) 

​updated Friday 7/26/19

A new startup called GetQuotes is on course to disrupt the multi-billion dollar car insurance industry with their proprietary software that they claim scours the major insurance companies rates in real-time for the best prices and then presents them automatically in a list.

We've included an example of their software below, where you will see a list of insurance companies for your location. You can click on any or all of the companies to get a current price estimate.

Think of it like "Kayak for car insurance"says Jonathon Brazoff, CEO of GetQuotes, the cutting-edge website behind this service, "and just like Kayak.com, GetQuotes is helping thousands of people every day cut their car insurance bill in half, or better."

According to our research, the average person is saving $615.83/yr on their car insurance rates by using this simple comparison service and Jonathon was quick to point out that "after 18 months of testing we believe we've finally nailed the perfect balance of the right amount of car insurance at the right price. "

We decided to dig a little deeper and reach out to past users of the free comparison service to see what kind of results they had. Mary S from San Diego, CA said "I first saw an ad for this on Facebook and thought I'd check it out. The first price I saw was $800 cheaper than I was currently paying so I jumped on it." and Brian J of Miami, FL said "I was pretty skeptical that I could save any money, and while I didn't save a massive amount (because of previous accident history) I did find a company that charged $383 less than I was and that's a win in my book!"

For the last 50 years car insurance has been managed by old men in suits, whether in-person or over the phone, and a company like GetQuotes disrupting this age-old model is welcome news. Can you really save $500, $1,000? That's hard to say. Every single person is different, but what we do know from speaking with the team, past customers and getting a glimpse of some internal data is that the majority of good drivers that use this platform have found substantial cost savings. 

Our suggestion would be to give this a try and compare car insurance rates online on other websites as well. While there's no foolproof way to save money on car insurance it appears using this service is pretty dang close.

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